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Residential and Commercial Cleaning

We provide all types of cleaning services in the Greater Toronto Area. We provide residential cleaning, commercial, backyard cleaning, condo cleaning, Airbnb cleaning and after-construction cleaning 

Commercial Cleaning Services

We provide cleaning for offices and other commercial locations around the GTA. Our services are fully customizable to your requirements

Backyard Cleaning Services

Need to have your backyard cleaned? Our backyard cleaning services include maintaining your lawn, trimming trees, removing debris, and more

Post-Construction Cleaning

Have you had some work done in your home? We can clean up all the construction material and waste


Residential Cleaning

We clean all types of residential locations, including houses, apartments, condominiums, and Airbnb properties


Commercial Cleaning

We offer commercial cleaning services for offices, stores and other commercial locations


Lawn Construction and Management

We provide a variety of lawncare services including lawn cutting, laying sod, removing weeds, shaping hedges and trimming


General Construction

We offer general construction services such as basement reconstructions & repairs, waterproofing & drywalling, and hardwood flooring & tiling

Residential & Commercial Cleaning

Greater Toronto Area

St Judes Construction & Maintenance Inc provides residential and commercial cleaning services in Toronto and surrounding areas. Our approach is to provide cleaning service that is affordable, customizable, and comprehensive. That means that when you hire us for cleaning, you can expect a thorough clean of your property.

We realize that our customers have different needs, so we provide our services on a one-time or on a scheduled basis. Whether you need our services on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly frequency, you can always count on us for a meticulous and detailed clean.

Our Vision: Providing a fresh outlook to your homes and buildings with beautiful landscapes complemented by clean, safe and environmental space for our customers, our community and stakeholders


Reliable Staff

Dependability is important to us. We’ll always be on time and ready to start cleaning.


Exceptional service

You can expect the best cleaning services from our company. We never cut corners or rush our work.


Attentive customer care

If you’re ever dissatisfied with our work, just let us know and we’ll fix the problem.